In late November 2016 your support staff started beta testing a new state of the art southcars voip email server. This server was implemented to handle our weekly membership mailings and further provide the Board of Directors a common mailing service for the business at hand.

In making this move we have been able to increase our efficiency and therefore reduce the manual activities of our staff. This new server within its automation capabilities monitors the activity, adds and deletes users as the case warrants, and further maintains statistical information for our review.

We have found during the ten years of operation some disturbing issues centered on the accuracy of the input information. To touch on this briefly we have found that approximately 40 percent of the emails posted on QRZ are inaccurate. This has been traced in many cases to people moving, acquiring a new internet server and therefore a new email address and never getting back to change their original posted data. This is where you the member can help us.

Send us notification of changes; this could be a change in call, change in address, change of email etc. Just send us the information to VOIP@SCARSVOIP.COM and we will make the changes on our end.

With installation of this new email server several things have taken place that you should know about. First the system is configured to record each email sent that could not be delivered. After three publications if this mail cannot be delivered the email address in question is automatically removed from our data base. Therefore if you find yourself not receiving our routine mailings, and would like to see that happen, contact us at VOIP@SCARSVOIP.COM and we will work with you on the issue.

PUBLISHED 2-23-2017