The SCARSVOIP Outreach Corner is closing

This closure will be ending for the foreseeable future for any student license classes for the Technician, General, Extra class and Morse code operation.

This situation which is immediate and is based on a number of reasons. First, the class curricular which has been created manually has outgrown its effectiveness and labor requirements. This will change sometime in the future when we originate and provide an automatic system of programing as the entire field of other supporters are starting to do.

We strongly support and recommend that each of you continue progressing through the higher licenses. The added technical information that you learn and the new modes you try, and master will create thrilling times for you besides giving a solid background in the best hobby around.

Searching the internet will find a large number of license testing session along with their recommended study guide outlets.

This has been submitted to you by the SCARSVOIP Board of Directors on May 9, 2022.