Control Server Information


Control Server Information

1) The server is in a rack at a fiber meet point from Chicago to Grand Rapids, MI. It is directly peered to all of the major backbone providers in the known United States Internet world and for international it is peer one jump to Global Crossing's ocean crossings (transatlantic and asia-1 and asia-2.

2) The room is secured with only about 15 people having access. 100% dual HVAC, dual generators, dual fire suppression and dual egress/ingress fiber points. In other words, this is a state of the art fiber meet point like a major NAP (Network Access Point). Additionally in the event of dual generator failure and failure of redundant power there is DC and AC battery stacks.

3) Currently there is redundant OC-3 connectivity into the rack (one to each of the ingress/egress meet points). This is handed off fiber to the Cisco core router which is then broken down into a gigabit Ethernet switch and ultimately a 100 Mbps Cisco switch.

4) There is more bandwidth then needed and has the capabilities to grow. So, the port off the Cisco switch is dual homed (multiple Ethernet cards), but it is currently rate limited at 12Megs of Internet traffic at any one time. This can be increased with the stroke of a command all the way up to a full 45Megs. 12Mbps calculates out to 685 single user connections, thus the reason the conference is currently limited to 500 as of 12/24/2007.

5) The server hardware is 12,000RPM drives in a RAID and SANs setup (local and backup drives). It is solely dedicated to this amateur project.

6) Capability exists to easily handle 1000 users.

Statement from the owner:

We are here to help and provide this service, we enjoy the servicing part to the amateur community and enjoy watching the unique ideas that each and everyone comes up with to use the technology we deploy.