VOip NCS Procedures (Primary)


VOIP NCS Procedures (Primary)

It is suggested that each NCS make themselves available approximately 30 minutes prior to their scheduled session. This will allow you to connect to the supporting control server, and setup your control screen in the manner most comfortable for you.

The net should be conducted in keeping with the style and manner used on our 7251 mother ship. That is, open with the preamble, standby for any emergencies, and standby for any stations having prearranged schedules etc. It should be noted here that "Short Timers" will not be recognized as such in all fairness to the other stations standing by. If this is allowed to happen, you will find that you will have more short timers than regular stations checking in.

Station recognition should be in concert with your screen display. This would normally be from top to bottom on the user list found within the VOIP control page. Please refresh frequently.

It is further recommended that you keep a separate log of those checking in. You will need to be conscious of the fact that there will be stations disconnecting and connecting through the course of the net which will alter your user list and therefore the importance of frequent refreshes.

The software involved in this program still has some areas that require attention and improvement. The connected to screen on Echolink does not display more than 16 stations even though you may be in a conference with considerably more. Further the server bridge by design places the transmitting station at the top of the connected list therein displacing the list by that amount which is additive as the net proceeds. This and some other factors have produced the control page and its contents.

You will have the ability to disconnect, connect, or place a station in the "Listen Mode Only" state should a situation arise requiring this type of action. It will be your decision to act on your judgment as to what is the best course of action for the best interest of the net. If not already received these control functions will be supplied to you under separate cover.

The name of the game is to have fun in the name of amateur radio, make the participants happy and comfortable, and move the net along at a reasonable pace as to not keep anyone waiting to long to be recognized. Your connection point is conference server *SCARS* which will handle all of your Echolink and IRLP traffic.

Last but not least, remind all concerned to leave 3 to 4 seconds before keying to allow all repeaters and links the time to reset their timeout timers. Also remember to standby for RF users entering the net via any of the repeaters or links connected to your net.

Remember that it is a far far better thing we do today, than we have ever done before. (Dickens, Tale of Two Cities, 1859)