Describing the Use of the Calendar
On the scarsvoip.COM WebSite

The following information describes using the Net Schedule Calendar from the website. The calendar information can be accessed:

1) from the website
2) from a URL (even a desktop icon without opening
3) from your Google Calendar system if you share the information (documented elsewhere)


When you open the SouthCARS website you see a bar that extends across the entire page with the title "Net Schedule - Select Your Time Zone". On the line below the bar you will see a few of the time zones from around the globe. Click on your time zone. The center section of the webpage should show you the calendar. Check the heading at the top. Is the time zone listed the one that you selected?

This display shows the upcoming Net Schedule. If you like what you see, you can stop reading here. If you would like to see the calendar in a different format or a different set of dates then please find some additional information below.

We will explore the calendar top to bottom and left to right. Under the time zone information you should see a colored bar with several clickable buttons. Their functions are described below.

[TODAY] - adjusts display to include "today" in the display

[<] - White left arrow on a blue button - moves the display backward in time

[>] - While right arrow on a blue button - move the display forward in time

[Day, Month Date v] - area show the selected date for the start of the display, if you click on one of these a month based pop-up calendar will appear. You can click on any date to move the calendar to that date. Also notice on this pop-up calendar the symbols [<<] and [>>]. You can move the pop-up calendar forward and backwards one month at a time and then select a date.

[# PRINT] - The small printer icon is clickable. If you click it you will have the option of printing the page being displayed.

[WEEK] - When clicked, displays the calendar one week at a time.

[MONTH] - When clicked, displays the calendar one month at a time.

[AGENDA] - When clicked, displays the calendar in agenda mode (this is the default setting).

[v] - Blue down arrow on grey button - Show if additional calendars are included. You can click to remove the check mark which removes the associated calendar from the display.

[|] - Vertical Scroll Bar (aka elevator) - On the right edge of the calendar (not the entire window) is a vertical scroll bar. You can pull the elevator car down the elevator shaft to move the calendar forward in time. As you reach the bottom of the shaft the calendar will automatically search forward for more entries.

[+ Google Calendar] - located in the lower right hand corner of the calendar page. If you want to have the SouthCARS Net Schedule Calendar automatically integrated with your own Google Calendar this button makes it pretty easy. Additional documentation is located elsewhere.


You can access the SCARS net schedule calendar for your timezone directly without first going to the SouthCARS homepage. Just type ...

just replace "eastern" with your timezone name. Current available names are:


The following information is provided for the advanced user. The URL to obtain the calendar totally ignoring the SCARS website in EASTERN TIME is

or, to obtain it in Agenda Mode (the format the website uses)

To obtain the information formatted for your time zone, you must change the command to

and replace "America/New_York" (what comes after "ctz=") with the proper Google code for your time zone. Save this from your browser and have an icon on your desktop that goes directly to the SCARS schedule in your local time.