Net Procedure and General Information

Net Procedure & General Information (Secondary)

(This page is for secondary use ONLY! This page is to be used when we find that the main server has encountered technical difficulties.)

This net will be functioning in a mirror image as to what is normally encountered on 7251. There will be an assigned NCS conducting the proceeding, and entrance into this net will be via digitally generated voice communication via the internet.

Since this system requires the availability of 17 kbps of upstream bandwidth per station, the following infrastructure has been made available. Designated echolink nodes with broadband cable access have been combined together to form an overall conferencing network for our net.

Particular attention should be noted to the following calls and node numbers and the priority of display. Working from left to right, establishes the priority as to who you should connect to first, and following the conditions that will be mentioned below. (KY6V-L 46081), (KW4LCB-L 369183), (KW4LCB-R 422595), (KA0GYF-L 125213), (N4FTD-L 111898), (W4FHC-L 358655) and (WD5KAE-L 361654), overflow standby.

The stations checking in will be recognized by the NCS in keeping with the order that they signed in. This means that the first 20 stations appearing on KY6V-L will be recognized first, followed by the next 20 stations appearing on KW4LCB-L and so forth through the control nodes listed.

There will be times that you find when attempting to check in that you receive an "Unable to connect, busy" from the control node. This means that his maximum conference level has been reached, and by design will not take any further stations. When this happens, simply connect to the next or the next node in priority until you have been satisfactorily recognized.

The first net session for this VOip Southcars program is scheduled to open at 9 AM EST, Saturday, January 5, 2008. It is being scheduled to last for only one hour, however it will be kept open longer if the participation warrants same. Based on the activity of this first session will prompt identification as to the frequency and numbers of net sessions to be conducted in the future. We will be updating the schedule to this Southcars web site, and additionally passing the schedules on through the NCS activity on 7.251 MHz.

It is further asked of the participating members to please not transmit unless requested to do so by the NCS. The text box window found at the bottom right of your screen is usable, by you the user, to communicate with whomever you so desire during the net operation. The net control will not be monitoring this text box on a regular basis and therefore should not be used to get his, or her, attention.

Please keep in mind that offensive or disturbing stations, and those not following the outline of this net will be handled solely by the discretion of the current NCS. Although we do not like to think of things of this nature, it should be understood that the NCS has the ability to disconnect a station, and further block this station from re-entry should the situation warrant such action.

Please note that RF stations entering the net through an echolink station so equipped are more than welcome. Should the level of Rf users be high enough, we are open to considering hourly sessions designed for their use only.

Please re-visit this site on a frequent base, for any additions or changes in its content.